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Crystal Meth Withdrawal Symptoms and Signs, and Detoxification

Crystal meth is a very potent form of methamphetamine, a stimulant drug that does have medical uses. However, crystal meth is an illegal drug that is made and sold for recreational use, and it may have additives that contribute to the need for medical supervision during crystal meth withdrawal.

Crystal meth stimulates the brain to produce higher levels of dopamine. Dopamine is a naturally occurring substance that controls mood, and higher levels of dopamine lead to feelings of happiness. Like other amphetamines, crystal meth can help users avoid sleep and boost their energy levels. Therefore, it is sometimes abused at social events such as raves or trance concerts where staying awake and dancing for long periods of time are part of the entertainment offered at the events.

Most users of crystal meth actually resort to it in order to escape from personal, social or emotional pressures. At some point during the addiction process, they may well realize that the drug is harming them more than it is helping them. This is usually the point where addicts seek out crystal meth withdrawal treatment. They are ready to stop using the drug, but crystal meth withdrawal symptoms may tempt them to return to using the drug even though they are mentally ready to quit.

Withdrawing from Meth: Treatment Methods and Options for Help

Medical support for crystal meth withdrawal is designed to help recovering addicts avoid any possible crystal meth withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, substitute medications that also raise levels of dopamine in the brain must be administered, and these medications should have little or no potential for addiction. The administration of such medications under medical supervision that is meant to ensure that the patient does not return to use of crystal meth is known as detoxification, or detox.

Detoxification treatment for crystal meth withdrawal usually takes place as part of a comprehensive and holistic rehabilitation treatment program. It is often the initial phase of a residential rehabilitation program that is carried out at a specialized inpatient recovery center. These facilities attract highly professional addiction specialists, including physicians who specialize in crystal meth withdrawal treatment by means of rapid detoxification. In most cases, inpatient detoxification is recommended to begin the process of recovery from crystal meth addiction. Inpatient preventative treatment for crystal meth withdrawal symptoms is more efficient and allows for better monitoring than outpatient detoxification therapy does.

If you need to find out more about how medical treatment for crystal meth withdrawal can help yourself or a loved one break the grip of crystal meth addiction, please call our 24-hour nationwide addiction recovery resources hotline at 1-888-935-1318. An addiction support representative can help you find crystal meth withdrawal treatment programs and take the first steps toward a healthy, drug-free life.

Detoxing, Addiction Treatment Rehab and Recovery

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Detox

In treating alcohol and drug dependence, the detox process does not include the actual removal of the alcohol or drug from a person's body. It is the abrupt cessation from alcohol or substance and then replacing these with cross-acting agents. Detoxification can be completed in two treatment settings: inpatient detox and outpatient detox.

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The initial inpatient detoxification treatment for crystal meth withdrawal symptoms usually lasts three to five days. Once patients are successfully stabilized and no longer have cravings for crystal meth, they are assessed by a team of experienced addiction counselors. The counselors help each patient identify his or her particular issues and triggers that led to crystal meth addiction. They then initiate an intensive program of counseling, along with behavioral and cognitive therapy, that is aimed at helping the patient avoid future use of crystal meth by helping him or her learn how to find constructive and healthy ways of dealing with stress and pressure.

After a month or more of intensive inpatient therapy, which also often includes exercise and meditation sessions that increase the effectiveness of the therapeutic counseling program, patients are discharged so that they can return to their daily schedules. Upon discharge, each patient is referred to an outpatient counselor or counseling center, where counseling and therapy are continued on a regular basis in order to reinforce the coping strategies that the patient learned during residential treatment. Often, support groups such as 12-step program peer groups are recommended in order to provide further encouragement during the long-term phase of the recovery process from crystal meth addiction.

Medical treatment to prevent crystal meth withdrawal symptoms is just the first step of a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Once medical treatment for crystal meth withdrawal is completed, former addicts are able to devote their efforts to finding healthy ways of coping with pressure that may have led them to abuse crystal meth.

Please call our 24-hour, seven-day-a-week nationwide drug abuse treatment and recovery helpline at 1-888-935-1318 to learn more about how medical detoxification for crystal meth withdrawal, followed by intensive counseling, can help you or a loved one break the grip of crystal meth addiction.

Crystal Meth Information at a Glance
Form, Intake and Dosage Interactions and Complications
  • Drug Forms: Rock/crystallized
  • Administration Routes: Inhaled (Smoked), Snorted, Ingested/swallowed, injected
  • Dosage: N/A
  • Overdose: Crystal meth overdose can occur at very low levels, so it is difficult to know how much will produce this reaction
  • Alcohol Interaction: N/A
  • Illicit Drugs: N/A
  • Prescription Medications: N/A
  • Contraindications: N/A
Effects and Adverse Reactions Substance Abuse
  • Short-Term: Increases wakefulness, rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure and temperature
  • Long-Term: Mood disturbances, anxiety, confusion, insomnia, violent behavior and severe dental problems
  • Risk of Substance Abuse: Very high
  • Signs of Abuse: Hair pulling, self biting, rapid eye movement, unpleasant body odors, scratching the skin, severe dental problems, psychosis, head banging, loss of appetite/weight loss
Physiological Problem Signs and Symptoms Dependence and Addiction Issues
  • Withdrawal Syndrome Onset: Within 12 to 48 hours of last dose
  • Withdrawal Symptoms: Anxiety, irritability, insomnia, craving for crystal meth, depression, suicidal tendencies
  • Tolerance: No
  • Cross Dependence: No
  • Physical Dependence: No
  • Psychological Dependence: High
Legal Schedules and Ratings Costs, and Typical Quantities
  • Controlled Substances Act Rating: Schedule II
  • Cost/Price: Approx. $30.00 for 20 milligrams


Questions and Answers (FAQ)

How Long Do Crystal Meth Withdrawals Last?

The initial crystal Meth withdrawal effects have an average duration of between 12 to 48 hours after the last dose. However, recovery from the psychological effects are difficult to place on a timeline as they vary from person to person. Some people may never fully recover or stop experiencing some crystal meth withdrawals.

Do You Have a List Popular Slang or Street Names for Crystal Meth?

Chalk, ice, crystal, glass, speed, meth

What are Common Misspellings?

Krystal meth withdrawl, crystel meth withdrawls, cristal meff withdrawel, Kristel meth withdrawels

Are There any Home Remedies for Getting Clean Safely?

Due to the highly addictive nature of crystal meth and the very high recurrence rate in people who have tried to quit, home remedies for getting clean safely almost never work. While an alternative, natural home remedy to ease the symptoms of crystal meth withdrawal would be ideal, this is unfortunately not the case. Getting clean safely from crystal meth takes careful planning in every area of the life of an addict. Drug rehabilitation programs are the best way to go for anyone who wants help overcoming a Crystal Meth addiction to relieve the symptoms. These programs have methods of being able to alleviate the intense discomfort during withdrawal and provide relief to addicts.

How Long Does it Take to Detox from Crystal Meth?

Depending on the options and programs an addict pursues, it can take as little as 12 to 48 hours to detox from crystal meth. However, due to the intense cravings for the drug during meth detox, many users go back to taking crystal meth, making the detox unsuccessful. A professionally designed and run system is the best way to ensure a successful detox.

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