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Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Spirituality-Based Detox Programs

Everybody who abuses drugs or alcohol has a unique story of addiction. Because of this, there is not a single model of detoxification that fits everybody's needs. Instead, treatment methods are as varied as the people who seek them out. Spiritual detox programs go beyond the physical aspects of addiction to address the spiritual parts of healing and recovery. Usually, these spiritual detox centers take a holistic approach to each person, providing the necessary medical and psychological support and also helping each resident achieve peace, understanding and spiritual growth. If you feel drawn to spiritual-based detoxification programs or know somebody who could benefit from inpatient or outpatient services, call 1-888-935-1318 Who Answers? for free, confidential and trustworthy referrals.

Why Detoxify from Drugs and Alcohol?

Many people tell themselves that they can easily stop using recreational drugs, abusing prescription medication or drinking excessively. However, actually stopping the addictive behavior can prove challenging. While recovery is always very possible, treatment programs offer important support and guidance. Some substances carry a high risk of addiction or can be habit-forming, meaning that the body starts craving the substance and lowers the person's willpower. Over time, the brain builds up a tolerance to many substances, meaning that a person needs larger or more frequent doses to achieve the wanted effects. Addiction can have a negative impact on a person's life, depleting financial resources, hurting relationships, posing health risks and generally preventing the person from living up to his or her full potential and finding the right motivation and means to succeed. Since many substances have unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, detoxification may be challenging, but it is an important step in letting go of addiction. Detoxification cleanses the body of the last traces of the substance, giving the person a chance to heal and recover fully. In addition to releasing the addictive substance from the body, many people with addiction problems can also benefit from a spiritual detox. Negative emotions and self-perceptions can build up over time, and letting go of these painful and damaging emotions is an important part of starting over and finding inner peace and confidence. Spiritual-based detoxification programs can address all of these needs, ensuring a full and healthy recovery on many different levels.

Things to Consider in a Withdrawal Program

People leaving a recovery clinic were asked which features were most vital to look for when examining treatment. The top priority was the program's payment policies, such as financial support, payment options, and insurance accepted. They also appreciated the clinic's offerings (comforts, amenities, quality of housing, etc.) significantly more after they completed treatment. New patients will want to examine a center's financial options as well as the program's offerings to assist them in their final decision.

Pre- and Post-Treatment Preferences

Religious Detoxification Program Options

Some spiritual detox centers are non-denominational, embracing anyone who is seeking help and focusing on the general ideas of a higher power and improved self-esteem and self-acceptance. For people who come from a certain religious background, there are also detox programs that focus on a specific religion, such as Christianity. In these cases, the person can deepen his or her faith while also overcoming addiction. There are both inpatient and outpatient options available. During outpatient treatment, the individual is able to maintain school, work and life obligations while also attending comprehensive sessions and actively working towards detoxification and recovery. With the right levels of accountability and a framework of support, many people find it easier to detox from drugs and alcohol without slipping into old habits. Group or individual therapy is usually available, with a focus on spiritual growth. An inpatient setting, or residential setting, is a good option for those who have been struggling with strong or long-lasting addictions and need a break from everyday routines. The resident usually stays for a matter of weeks, immersed in a supportive environment with respectful, professional supervision. Detoxification from drugs and alcohol can be monitored more closely. If necessary, medical treatments can be administered to help the resident transition more easily from using the substance to a detoxified state. In addition to giving the body time to heal, inpatient spiritual-based detoxification programs also usually offer therapy and recuperation activities. Each person's spiritual life is respected and nurtured, focusing on the ability to start anew and find peace in life without turning to harmful habits.

If you are seeking a spiritual detox program that works for your specific needs or if you are searching for treatment options for a friend or loved one, call 1-888-935-1318 Who Answers? for confidential referrals.


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