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Hoquiam, Washington Drug Withdrawal and Addiction Detox Programs

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Are you suffering from drug addiction or withdrawal in Hoquiam?

If so, you aren’t alone.

From 1990-2016 in Grays Harbor County, there have been:

  • 12 deaths from harmful use of multiple drugs
  • 38 deaths from alcohol addiction
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Laguna Treatment Hospital
Laguna Treatment Hospital

24552 Pacific Park Dr, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

1-888-935-1318 Who Answers?
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This place was phenomenal!! They welcomed me and made me feel like I was wanted! The staff was amazing and the facility was clean! The group leaders were amazing!!! If u really want a life changing experience and really want to become sober then I highly recommended that you reach out to Laguna treatment!! They have given me a whole new outlook on life!!!
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Detox Options


Alcohol is highly addictive and both overdose and withdrawal can be lethal. Medically supervised detox is often necessary. Individual and group therapy are often necessary during recovery.

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Marijuana abuse can trigger or exacerbate mental illness and is best treated through therapeutic techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Tobacco addiction is best treated through therapy, possibly with the use of prescription drugs and nicotine patches.

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Psychedelics and Dissociatives

Psychedelics can trigger or exacerbate mental illness and abuse is best treated with therapy. Dissociatives can be life threatening and may require medical detox.

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Opioid withdrawals and overdoses can be lethal and, like alcohol, often require medically supervised detox.

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Stimulants like meth and cocaine are highly addictive and can have lethal overdoses. Medical detox is often necessary and rehab is integral to the process.

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Sedatives and Benzos

Sedative abuse is typically treated by tapering the dose under medical supervision along with therapy.

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Inhalant abuse is typically treated using therapeutic techniques.

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