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Cost and Paying for Detox Programs

Detoxification treatment can be a costly process, with costs depending largely on the specific treatment program that the patient wishes to enter. Programs include room and board, 24-hour supervision, medical care and medications. With all this, the total detox cost can rise as high as tens of thousands of dollars. While this can be a considerable expense, it's still less costly than continued drug use, both in the cost of the drugs, and in the cost to the patient's health and well-being. Detox cost should not be a deciding factor in seeking help. There are several methods of payment available, some of which can lower the cost of treatment, or extend the payment for treatment out over a length of time to make detox more affordable.

How Much Does Detox Cost?

Detox prices are based not just on the type of treatment chosen by the patient, but also on the treatment location. A private rehabilitation facility featuring a tapering-off treatment program can cost a patient up to $20,000 a month. Less expensive facilities exist with costs as low as $1,500 to $5000 a month. While light users can generally taper off their drug of choice in two or three weeks, heavier users can find detox lasting the full month or more.

The faster rapid detox programs for alcohol and drug use take far less time to complete. Because of this, such programs are less expensive as well. For a heroin user, rapid detox can cost between $10,000 and $15,000. Though this price is still high, it does include the costs of medically administered anesthesia for the process, as well as the 24 to 48 hours spent monitoring the patient after the treatment is concluded.

Insurance, Financing, and Private Pay Options for Detoxification

When paying the fees for detoxification programs are a concern, the patient should look into the different payment options available. While private pay is available at all facilities, withdrawal treatment insurance and treatment financing are both commonly found payment options that allow the patient to save money or afford treatments that are more expensive without having to make an upfront payment in full.

Private pay is the easiest and most widely accepted payment option available. With private pay, the patient pays for the treatment before entering the program. While the program length can vary according to the individual patient's detox needs, the treatment facilities are experienced enough in determining possible treatment lengths to make an accurate assessment of program costs before beginning treatment. Private pay covers all program costs, including medications and drug counseling.

For some patients, withdrawal treatment insurance will be a payment option they can use to lower the out-of-pocket expense of detox. Withdrawal treatment insurance is generally a part of the patient's existing healthcare insurance package. The withdrawal insurance works the same way as other healthcare expenses are covered. The patient chooses a facility covered by the insurance provider, and then chooses a covered treatment program. The insurance will cover the majority of the detox expense while the patient covers the rest. Though this can lower the costs to the patient greatly, it also can limit the treatment options available. Finding a facility that's covered by the patient's insurance while also offering an applicable detox program can take a bit of extra time, especially when the available facilities may not have an immediate opening for new patients. Fortunately, most insurance plans include enough facilities to ensure that a little searching finds something available in the patient's general vicinity.

The third option available to patients for paying detox fees is that of financing the detox treatment. Financing is a method used by treatment facilities to attract those patients who are without the funds for an upfront payment, but who can afford a reduced or extended fee.

The more common financing available is that of a payment plan for treatment. Under the payment plan, the patient is still charged the full treatment amount, but can pay over a period of time through equal partial payments. This method of payment ensures that the treatment facility is paid in full for the detoxification procedure, while a patient who may otherwise not have had the opportunity for treatment receives necessary help.

Financing also offers a second method of payment based on reduced fees. When the patient cannot afford the full amount, the facility may offer detox for a price under that normally charged. This reduced price is then paid either in full as an upfront payment, or over an extended period as equal partial payments.

Finding a treatment facility when detox cost is an issue can be time consuming. Calling a national hotline that has the detox cost as well as program information available can cut down the search time tremendously. The toll-free number for the hotline is 1-888-935-1318 Who Answers?. Staff is available to assist callers 24 hours a day, and all calls are confidential.


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