Using Meritain Health for Detox & Rehab

Using Meritain Health for Detox & Rehab

Meritain Health Insurance, a private health insurance company, is a subsidiary of CVS/Aetna. Meritain has locations across the entire country with its strongest presence in New York, Florida, Minnesota, and Michigan.1

If you are considering entering treatment, you may be wondering if your insurance covers rehab and detox services. Insurance coverage is an important element in your journey toward living a life free from the grips of addiction. Read on for information about how you can use your Meritain insurance plan to access these services.

Types of Meritain Health Plans

If you’re part of the Meritain member network, you may be wondering, What does Meritain Health cover in terms of services and products? The answer depends on which of four different plan options you choose: Self-Funded Plans, Traditional Provider Network Plans, Consumer-Directed Health Plans, and Value-Based Benefit Designs. Meritain Health also offers ancillary services such as dental and vision coverage as well as a Medicare Part D option.

There are differences among the four plans. A Self-Funded Plan allows employers to pay for members’ services as they arise, as opposed to paying a premium every month.2 Traditional Provider Network Plans follow the PPO model most people are familiar with. Meritain partners with more than 60 healthcare networks across the country.3 Consumer-Directed Health Plans are designed to address specific healthcare needs for groups of people, while Value-Based Benefit Designs offer cost-efficient healthcare services and choices.4&5

 Meritain Health offers Medicare Part D coverage for people 65 and older who qualify for Medicare. Medicare is a government-funded healthcare insurance program for people 65 and older and younger people who have specific health conditions.6 Medicare can cover costs associated with many types of services, from primary care visits and prescription drugs to substance abuse treatment services.

Does Meritain Health Cover Detox?

Safe detoxification is essential for moving forward in your substance abuse treatment, so it’s important to understand if and how your health insurance will cover detox. If you are a Meritain member and seeking help to end your addiction, you may be able to use your plan to pay for detox and other substance abuse treatments.

For many people, detox—the process by which substances are eliminated from the body—is the initial step in taking control of their substance abuse. Detoxing from drugs and alcohol is often wrought with intense and sometimes severe withdrawal symptoms. People often choose to undergo this process in the comfort of a treatment facility on an inpatient basis. Inpatient detox ensures around-the-clock care; your symptoms will be monitored and medical interventions can occur if needed. With inpatient treatment, you live in the treatment facility for a certain amount of time, generally, 1 to 4 weeks, depending on your plan, state, and the treatment facility you choose.

Outpatient treatment occurs after detox and inpatient treatment. You live at home, where you can resume your normal, day-to-day responsibilities as you begin to re-integrate into society. Outpatient treatment often includes individual, family, and group therapy.

Does Meritain Health Cover Therapy?

You may be wondering if your Meritain Health drug rehab coverage includes therapy and other substance abuse services. The short answer is yes. Family members and dependents may be covered for services as well. The specific types of therapeutic services you receive will depend on the terms of your healthcare plan.

Your substance abuse treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs. Factors that determine your personal treatment plan include your substance of choice, the length of your addiction, a mental health diagnosis, and the amount of drugs or alcohol you consume. Other factors may include your health insurance provider, your specific plan, and the state where you live.

People often fear that they will accrue a substantial medical bill for addiction treatment. When you receive care, it’s crucial to make sure that your insurance provider and the treatment center are on the same page. You want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the costs associated with a life in recovery will be at least partially covered. Always check with your insurance provider to verify what services are offered under your plan.

Some people seeking addiction treatment services may wonder how to get into detox without insurance. If you don’t have healthcare coverage, contact the treatment center you are interested in attending. They may be able to provide you with resources or financial assistance.

How to Check Your Meritain Health Benefits

 It is normal to feel overwhelmed as you begin the process of finding a substance abuse treatment facility to end your addiction. It is a big decision, and the prospect of change can feel scary. However, Meritain has made the process of verifying your insurance benefits as easy and seamless as possible. You can find the specifics of your plan via the online login or by calling Meritain at 1-888-935-1318.

Meritain Health may also offer out-of-state coverage. If there is a specific treatment center you are interested in, you should contact the facility directly to see if they accept your insurance provider.

Detox at American Addiction Centers

 American Addiction Centers (AAC) has strong relationships with many different insurance providers including Meritain. American Addiction Centers has nationwide prowess and will work with your insurance provider to maximize your drug rehab insurance coverage for various substance abuse treatment services. A respected leader in the substance abuse treatment field, AAC holds high medical standards for their detox and rehabilitation facilities. AAC is committed to providing safe and effective addiction treatment, knowing that your treatment experience plays a vital role in your recovery.

AAC’s detox services can include medication-assisted treatment to help ease the burden of withdrawal symptoms so you can successfully transition into inpatient treatment. AAC uses medications that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to minimize withdrawal symptoms and complications from detox.7

AAC specialists are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most of the specialists have had their own experience with addiction and substance abuse, so they understand how difficult it can be to reach out for help. You can rest assured that your call will remain confidential and that you will be treated with respect and compassion.

AAC makes it easy and seamless to start the process of recovery. You can call them with any questions you may have at 1-888-935-1318.