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Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms and Signs, and Detoxification

Xanax withdrawal symptoms are very common in those using or suffering from the abuse of the medication. These adverse effects may last for some time, and the most acute symptoms may last for two months, with clinically significant symptoms remaining for months or even years in some cases. Patients undergoing a gradual reduction in the level of Xanax in their systems may experience anxiety, hypochondria, nightmares, insomnia, paranoia, fatigue, excessive perspiration and obvious mood swings. Additional symptoms commonly experienced during a gradual dosage reduction include muscle spasms or cramps, blurred vision, dizziness, dry mouth, headaches and gastrointestinal problems.

Patients undergoing a rapid withdrawal from Xanax, as opposed to a gradual reduction, may experience even more severe symptoms. These typically take the form of convulsions, catatonia, delusions, psychosis, mania and a predilection towards self-harm and suicide. Xanax withdrawal symptoms can include strange behavior or changes in the person's social interactions due to the adverse physical and psychological effects experienced due to withdrawal. The symptoms may dramatically affect a person's relationships, business dealings and personal life. Our 24 hour help line (1-888-935-1318 Who Answers?) can connect you with a recovery support advisor if you or a loved one is suffering the effects of Xanax withdrawal; you can also fill out our confidential contact form for further assistance.

Withdrawing from Xanax: Treatment Methods and Options for Help

Xanax withdrawal symptoms may persist for months or years, and finding the correct treatment plan can dramatically decrease the risks associated with these symptoms. Most sufferers rely on a licensed medical practitioner to gradually reduce their dosage during Xanax withdrawal treatment. Reducing the dosage helps alleviate and may even prevent many common symptoms experienced during withdrawal. A rapid reduction or outright stoppage of Xanax may trigger the most severe and dangerous adverse effects and is not recommended by most healthcare professionals. A cold-turkey approach to treatment may dramatically increase the risks to the health of the sufferer.

Xanax withdrawal may occur due to dependency on the drug resulting from monitored usage or from addiction and abuse. Many sufferers feel helpless when dealing with the intense cravings and may relapse into use or abuse after the medication is no longer required for a valid medical condition. Group therapy sessions and the intervention of friends and family may assist these individuals with recognizing the signs of addiction and increase the likelihood of successful treatment. For assistance choosing the right method of Xanax withdrawal treatment for yourself or a loved one, call 1-888-935-1318 Who Answers?.

Detoxing, Addiction Treatment, Rehab and Recovery

The detoxification process for Xanax typically includes a gradual reduction in dosage. This reduction should be carefully monitored by healthcare professionals to ensure that the process does not trigger the more severe Xanax withdrawal symptoms associated with the rapid reduction of the drug in the system. The chemicals present in Xanax operate similarly to those found in diazepam and chlordiazepoxide, and some doctors may prescribe these medications to replace Xanax during addiction treatment. Also, the detoxification process may take more time for elderly patients due to the drug's elimination half-life, the amount of time that it takes for Xanax to reach half-potency in the patient's body.
Rehabilitation for Xanax withdrawal includes dealing with any psychoses, delusions or other psychological effects caused by the medication or withdrawal phases as well as helping the sufferer to overcome the cravings and psychological dependencies the drug may trigger. The period of time required for full recovery varies by individual and may be dependent on the initial conditions that required Xanax as a part of a treatment plan. Call our 24-hour support line at 1-888-935-1318 Who Answers? for additional help or resources for dealing with Xanax withdrawal.

Xanax Information at a Glance
Medication Name, Costs Class of Medicine
  • Generic Name: Alprazolam
  • Generic Name Variations: N/A
  • Chemical Name: N/A
  • Brand Name: Xanax
  • Brand Name Variations: N/A
  • Cost/Price: Varies
  • Used to Treat Addiction? No
  • Function or Use at Low Dose: Anxiety treatment
  • Function or Use at High Dose: N/A
  • Chemical Makeup: N/A
  • System: N/A
  • Duration of Action: Several Hours
Form, Intake, and Dosage Interactions and Complications
  • Drug Forms: Tablets
  • Administration Routes: Administered orally
  • Dosage: 4 mg per day
  • Overdose: Exceeding 5 mg per day
  • Alcohol Interaction: Increased strength of side effects such as memory loss and dizziness.
  • Illicit Drugs: N/A
  • Prescription Medications: N/A
  • Contraindications: Glaucoma, Concomitant Ketoconazole, Itraconazole
Effects and Adverse Reactions Substance Abuse
  • Short-Term: Headaches, insomnia, constipations, diarrhea, blurred vision
  • Long-Term: Depression, unusual behavior, memory loss
  • Risk of Substance Abuse: High
  • Signs of Abuse: Irritability, loss of motivation, symptoms of depression
Physiological Problem Signs and Symptoms Dependence and Addiction Issues
  • Withdrawal Syndrome Onset: 12-24 hours after last dose
  • Withdrawal Symptoms: Increased anxiety, vomiting, irritability, insomnia
  • Tolerance: Users may develop tolerance.
  • Cross Dependence: N/A
  • Physical Dependence: N/A
  • Psychological Dependence: High
Legal Schedules and Ratings
  • Controlled Substances Act Rating: Schedule IV


Questions and Answers (FAQ)

How Long Do Xanax Withdrawals Last?

Xanax addicts experience different timelines when withdrawing from the medication. Taking Xanax for a longer period of time can increase the length of withdrawals. The duration of detoxification can also increase if larger doses of Xanax have been taken.

Do You Have a List Popular Slang or Street Names for Xanax?

Sticks, bars, handlebars, Xanies, Stikalix, Z-bars, Tranks, Downers

What are Common Misspellings?

Zanax withdrawl, Zanex withdrawls, Xanex withdrawel, Xanacs withdrawels

Are There any Home Remedies for Getting Clean Safely?

Because Xanax treats the part of the nervous system that deals with anxiety, going on and off Xanax can have serious consequences on a patient’s anxiety problems. If you or someone you know is suffering while trying to quit the drug, you should seek professional help from a rehabilitation center before symptoms begin to have permanent effects.

How Long Does it Take to Detox from Xanax?

Detoxing from Xanax can be dangerous due to their strong effects on a patient’s mental well being. The safest methods for detoxification involve the supervision of a medical professional or an accredited drug rehabilitation center. Once the body has been properly detoxed, you can begin exploring your options for programs to help maintain a safe, healthy recovery such as support groups. For help near you, call 1-888-935-1318 Who Answers? or visit our locator page to receive help.

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