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Addiction in Fiction

The issue of substance abuse occupies a prominent place in popular culture. Learn more about 31 fictional substance users in film and television, and find out what their addictions have cost them.

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Episodes of Addiction

Since the dawn of television, the medium has been used to tackle controversial social issues, including substance abuse. Here’s a look back at some of the most popular TV episodes addressing drug abuse and addiction over the decades.

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Visualizing Drug-Related Web Searches Across the US

When people want to find out more about a subject, web search is often the first place they go – particularly when it comes to taboo topics like drug use. Take a look at which states and cities are doing the most searching for substances and those they’ve been searching for.

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Inside the Opioid Addiction

Recent data from the CDC point to an undeniable, disturbing rise in opioid-related deaths. Unlike other substances that intoxicate and impair, opioids produce a feeling of comfortable, dopamine-induced joy - but that joy can quickly shift to a respiratory depression that proves fatal. We’ve visualized these trends in overdose deaths in order to illustrate and analyze the growing opioid epidemic.

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