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Realize The Impact of Addiction

Drug Deaths Compared

Drugs and alcohol have a damaging effect on health, and the danger they pose can take years off one’s life. Compare the average years of life lost due to substance abuse and overdose, and see how this stacks up with other causes of death.
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Addiction In Fiction

The issue of substance abuse occupies a prominent place in popular culture. Learn more about 31 fictional substance users in film and television, and find out what their addictions have cost them.
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Ranking Drug Risks Using Margin of Exposure

Share on Twitter Share on Facebook   Drug abuse permeates society, connecting addicts, judicial systems, and policymakers in a tangled web of influence. Strategies to combat substance abuse differ across […]
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Episodes of Addiction: Addiction in Televison

Share on Twitter Share on Facebook As television invaded households in the latter half of the 20th century, it introduced families to the sitcom or situational comedy. These light-hearted shows featured […]
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Visualizing Drug-Related Web Searches Across the US

Trends in web searches have often been used to reveal the spikes and fluctuations of public interest in certain subjects – including taboo topics that aren’t frequently spoken about in person. […]
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