Our Brand Promise - Withdrawal

Our Brand Promise

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  1. Committed to Your Recovery

At American Addiction Centers, we understand addiction as a complex disease. We know achieving sobriety difficult, but we believe our treatment model is an effective solution. That’s why we created our 90-day brand promise. If you complete 90 days of treatment at any American Addiction Centers facility and experience a relapse, you are welcome back to for 30 more days of treatment at no additional charge to either you or your insurance provider.

Committed to Your Recovery

At American Addiction Centers, we offer different levels of care ranging from acute detoxification to outpatient treatment which allows for you to consistently progress over those 90 days, at the appropriate level of care, based on your personal growth and individual needs assessed by our clinical staff.

With that said, we believe in our treatment program’s success. But more importantly, we believe in you too. If you complete 90 days and experience a relapse, we believe you have put your best foot forward in changing your life. We’re committed to doing our part to help you create a better life.

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